Planned to use my Amazon Gift Card...

The Space Between Us - Megan Hart Naked - Megan Hart Riding the Universe - Gaby Triana Rock On - Denise Vega buy the DVD boxset to the series "Almost Human", but ended up splurging on books instead.  (And well, the new Poets of the Fall album that just came out Friday. "Clear Blue Sky" is stuck in my head and I can't get it out for the life of me. *coughs*)


*sighs*  Maybe next time, man.  I'm hoping the cost of the boxset comes down a little until I can save up again.


But in case anyone's wondering what I got for the mini book haul, just a few things.  I'm entering the final days of my Amazon Prime trial, so I'll probably end up nixing it on Tuesday or Wednesday (it ends Thursday).


Went on a mini Megan Hart book buying binge and then also ended up picking two YA books that I've never read that were heavily discounted under the bargain books listing.  I've read the Megan Hart books before, the first through ARC on NetGalley and the other via my library, but I've never had a chance to own them until now, and they're ones I liked so that I can re-read them whenever.  But "Riding the Universe" and "Rock On" are new to me, so I'm definitely looking forward to reading them soon.


But it'll be a while because I have to read through the other books that I have had in my previous book hauls.  *crosses fingers*  Lots of catching up to do.