Review: Bullying in Different Contexts by Claire P. Monks and Iain Coyne

Bullying in Different Contexts - Claire P. Monks, Iain Coyne

This is a decent, albeit brief academic read in the context of defining bullying in a variety of different environments. Some of the topics this book covers include relationship violence, elderly abuse and bullying, bullying in prisons, workplaces, and schools, as well as cyberbullying.

Several different authors examine the causes and effects of bullying, with several citations from research studies. I really liked the fact that this book chose to showcase bullying as it occurs to many different populations in each environment, but I had the feeling that the lot of it was just too brief. The information is concise, and very well organized and spaced within its headers.

The compilation probably won't be as enlightening as other narratives for a general audience, but those doing research or perusing the book for academic learning and psychological food for thought will probably get the most out of this, especially with its links to other texts.

Overall score: 3/5 stars