Spontaneous trip to bookstore, grabbed a few books.

Not that I have too much to be splurging on books, I ended up at my local bookstore today and bought two books (shown here on quilt/spread).  I haven't even read the first book "A Study in Silks" yet (which I bought with birthday money), but cover lust won out and I figured I might as well buy the second.  I'll decide from these two whether or not to buy the third (though I think I might have that as an ARC from Netgalley - I have to double check.)


Patrick Ness is pretty much love, so I'll buy anything he writes.  And I've wanted to read "More Than This" for a while.



There's a storm coming through my area, so I'll have to wait until later to make more posts, but I should be back to reading as per usual tonight.  Just not sure which title to resume or start from scratch yet.