A 30 Day Book Playlist Challenge?

Liz Loves Books made a post over this way asking about potential challenges we could do in future venues.  My mind's being random today and I don't have a fancy gif for it (yet, but I could try to make one - or if someone is more artistically inclined, they can try), but would anyone be interested in doing a challenge like this?  I'm coming up with the prompts ahead of time so that it can be spelled out, but I thought it would be cool do do something of a 30 Day Book Playlist Challenge.  I'm a lover of music of many genres (go figure) so this is something I'm probably going to challenge myself to over the next 30 Days if all goes well.


Day 1: Name a favorite book with a rebellious character or a character that does something against the status quo (Punk)


Day 2: Name a book(s) you've read that make you think of one of the seven deadly sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath)  (Irish punk - or really just a Flogging Molly song that came to mind when thinking of this prompt: =P)


Day 3:  Name a book you've read that you loved that's well known, OR a book that you've read - like or dislike - that it seems everyone talks about. (Pop)


Day 4: Name a book that you've read that you love, but not a lot of people talk about.  Or it can be your "Best Kept Secret" book. (Indie)


Day 5: Name a favorite book you've read featuring a musician as a main or side character.  If you can't think of any, a book with a musical theme or that was based on a musical is good too.


Day 6: Name a book that hurt you to read, but was so, so good. (Blues)


Day 7: Name a book that you consider a slow burner, but had strong emotions behind it. (Ballad)


Day 8: Name a book which shares a name with a song you know or love.


Day 9: Name a favorite book, and think of a book soundtrack for it.  Name as many songs as you want to put with that book's soundtrack.


Day 10: Name a guilty pleasure or mindless read that you loved. (Bubblegum Pop)


Day 11: Name a book set within a holiday.  (Carol)


Day 12: Name a book that you've read or want to read based in a foreign country. (World)


Day 13: Name five books that you're looking forward to reading or those that excite you in some way.  (Dance/Electronica)


Day 14: Think of a song you know and love, and do the reverse of Day 9: Assign books to that song.  =P


Day 15: Name book(s) that you've read or loved set in the 18th - 19th centuries. (Classical)


Day 16:  Name a book you've read that's humored or light in tone, but at the same time quite dark.  If you can't think of any, a book with a dark thematic will suffice.  (Dark ambient)


Day 17: Name a book you've read with a hero/heroine who is either poor or from a lower background in status/society.  May be someone who remains in that class or aspires to greater living. (Folk)


Day 18: Name 5 books that are on your mind right now.  Seriously, just do it. (Freestyle)


Day 19: Name a book you've read that's either with a specific religion as a focus or something with a heavy moral/social issue in its backdrop.


Day 20: Name a book you've read that has multiple genres or cross-genre appeal. (Fusion)


Day 21: Name a book you've read that was dramatic or angst-ridden.  (Emo)


Day 22: Name a book with a tortured hero/heroine. (Grunge)


Day 23: Name a book that you enjoyed, but read through quickly without really thinking about it. (Ska)


Day 24: Name a book that you loved written from multiple perspectives or book that emphasized a particular group of characters or family.  (Jazz)


Day 25: Name a book you've read in the past that still remains with you today.  (Old School)


Day 26: Name a book that you would like to see turn into a musical (or one that would seem fun as a musical).


Day 27: Name a book that blew your mind.  (Rock or Heavy Metal)


Day 28: Name a book with a nostalgic or feeling of home.  (Country)


Day 29: Name a book you've read that was all kinds/levels of weird - good or bad. (Stoner Rock)


Day 30: Choose a genre/theme day!  Choose among any of the aforementioned music genres (or feature a genre that hasn't been mentioned) and list a prompt and book under that theme. This is so that people can get creative with both the books they choose and/or a musical style they may like.  (Experimental)