Yeah, so...

Land of Falling Stars - Keta Diablo

My edition's cover is a lot steamier than the other cover of this book (and I don't think Ravenous Romance carries it anymore), but nonetheless, I think I'm going to finish it.  I rarely put down books that I've already started, and I was four chapters into this before putting it to the side.


The author's name came up again today (poor BookSmugglers, they didn't deserve that reaction at all) and jogged my memory.


I wasn't fond of the writing at the time I picked it up, and I remember the only reason I picked it up was because I was looking for historical romance recs and one mention said this was like "Gone With the Wind" but steamier. 


I remember thinking "That's...setting the bar really high isn't it?"


Might as well try again and give it an honest review since I started it.


I may tackle it between reads or later on.  Not sure yet, but I've got about five books that are on my priority list for review.  I think I'd rather keep my good book streak going for as long as possible or at least be on one before jumping into this.


All right, back to reading "Through the Smoke" among a few other reads tonight.