Review: I Am Pusheen The Cat by Claire Belton

I Am Pusheen the Cat - Claire Belton

I knew that I would be sold by Pusheen's first comic collection when I saw one of the panels comparing her to Batman.


"I Am Pusheen the Cat" is an adorable collection of short comics that are based on a series of internet memes that have become wickedly popular (and for good reason!).  If it were possible to die of maximum cuteness and hilarity, I probably would've done so over this brief read.


Pusheen, alongside her younger sister Stormy, are showcased in five parts - an introduction to Pusheen, things that are true to cat life, how Pusheen chooses to live (like a boss), an intro to Stormy, her sister, and basically a year in the life - which is a showcase of Pusheen and Stormy looking adorable as they go through the special occasions of the year.  


Really the thing you need to know about Pusheen is that she eats, sleeps, and gets herself into odd situations that usually involve eating, sleeping, or being lazy.  Sometimes a little more extravagant than that, even if it may be in her imagination. The humor's fun.  Even I had to laugh at some of the times when Pusheen gets into some sort of mischief - something that causes other people to love her and/or be annoyed (like Pusheen using Stormy's ruffled fur to do some Spring cleaning).


I seriously read this in about 10 or 15 minutes tops, ending up with a big grin on my face in the process, but I could see this as being a valuable collectors item for anyone of any age.  It has that kind of appeal, both for a wide audience and also just for its general good humor.  I would definitely recommend this adorable, fun read, and would love to read more into Pusheen and Stormy's adventures in the future.


Overall score: 5/5 stars


Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Touchstone.