Jennifer Lawrence: Star of the Hunger Games (Gateway Biographies)

Jennifer Lawrence: Star of the Hunger Games - Katherine E. Krohn "Jennifer Lawrence: Star of the Hunger Games" is a wonderful, brief showcase of the title star's life and accomplishments so far. Oriented towards primary and secondary students as a reference, this biography is a fairly quick read (just under 50 pages in my copy), supplementing pictures of the star as a young girl and in some of her acclaimed roles and movies (including the one I know her best from - Winter's Bone). But while it does focus on the star's life and pursuits as an actress, it also includes photos and brief bits of information into the process of the Hunger Games and the press surrounding that, including the chosen actors for the roles.The balance between information and illustration is appropriate for the audience, easy to follow, and engaging to learn in the measure of what is a very popular series, coinciding with the buzz for the upcoming movie. No doubt it would appeal to this particular audience given the popularity of the books for this age group, and I think its positive tone and presentation would be a valuable add to a library or collection of brief biographies for those anticipating Lawrence's role in the Hunger Games movie.Overall score: 4/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Learner Publishing Group.