Born to Blog: Building Your Blog for Personal and Business Success One Post at a Time - Mark Schaefer, Stanford Smith "Born to Blog" is a straightforward, concise guide to starting and maintaining a blog that's geared more towards the beginner than the intermediate/advanced user (though it's still helpful to keep their tips in mind for the latter). It has tips on how blogging can be useful for one's business as well as illustrates examples of how businesses and personal blogs have gained readers over writing about subjects they were passionate about. It also covers the basic pros and cons of what services to use for blogging and how to engage and maintain readerships with blogging over time. I did like the organization and format for this book - it was easy to understand and gain perspective from the contributors and their tips to keep plugging away at the measure. I did disagree with one assertion saying that bloggers aren't "writers." Considering a large part of what you do as a blogger is write, you HAVE to be able to love writing and keep yourself on your toes with generating content and things you're passionate enough to write about in your blog. I would agree on the level of that you don't have to be the *best* writer to jump into blogging, you'll get better at the measure the more you do it and the more you try different things. I picked this book up to see if there were things I could do to help my blogging habits (I maintain a blog with variant content, mostly about books, but also blogging about various media, health/wellness, and writing.) It was definitely an interesting resource to peruse and I thought it was quite helpful. I think people who are just starting with the measure will likely get more out of this.Overall score: 3/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher McGraw-Hill.