Ghostbusters, Volume 5: The New Ghostbusters - Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening This compilation volume of "The New Ghostbusters" was decent in spurts, though I think I'm still getting used to the new art style in comparison. In this volume, Ray, Winston, Egon, and Peter are abducted by demon ghosts and trapped in another dimension, while Janine, alongside some newer characters, are tasked to banish ghosts and try to save the guys. It's an interesting story at heart, and I loved the fact that Janine's in action - kicking ghost butt and taking names, but I'm not sure if I'm connecting to the newer characters as well as the familiar ones. It's a decent story that ends rather abruptly, but I would be willing to see what the next volume has to offer. I just wish it'd held my attention a little better. I noticed that it's linking up to the storyline of the movies, so that's at least a bonus for those who are already familiar with the franchise, but it may be harder for some who aren't familiar to get into it.Overall score 2/5 stars.Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher IDW Publishing.