Down to You  - M. Leighton Initial reaction: Yeah...I can't right now. This was not good. I think I'll meditate over it a night before writing a full review, but I don't think it's going to get above a single star.Full review:This is one of those books I don't really want to write a review on, not because I'm being a sloth, or reluctant to share my opinion, but because honestly I really don't want to have to pull this book from my memory and reflect on how...odd this was.So you guys know about my weakness about reading stories about twins - yes, no, maybe so? I was weary because it was a purported love triangle in a New Adult romance, but I figured - whatever, what can go wrong that I haven't already endured to some degree? (Honestly I haven't learned from reading NA yet. *sighs*) Let's first meet the heroine: up and coming businesswoman Olivia. She returns to town to help her father, spends a night at a party with a stripper and finds out that the guy who she thought was the stripper (and she helped take off his shirt) was not a stripper at all, but one of two brothers who seem to sweep her off her feet. Cash and Nash. Nash and Cash. One of them is a up and coming lawyer, the other is the irresponsible, bad boy owner of a night club.Olivia can't make up her mind about which one she likes. And no, she's not fazed by the fact that one of them is currently in a relationship with her cousin because she slams her cousin's relationship with said twin every which way but loose. And then she sleeps with one of the twins and the next morning can't figure out which one she slept with. do you...just, gah! That to me is just wrong on all kinds of levels. This is before the twist comes into play.Yeah, I can't even talk about the so called twist because not only did I see it coming a mile away, I had a hard time buying it and the reasons behind it. How can anyone live a double life that extensively without getting caught? I don't understand the appeal of this book at all. The characters were flat, the situations far fetched, the relationships formulaic and the heroine and hero(es) were threadbare. And I'm not surprised that it involved a threadbare mob story because when in doubt, throw the mob as a plot point to make your characters have more stakes. Never mind if it doesn't make much sense or is completely implausible for one man to live two different lives at once without anyone noticing or someone covering up the fact that the second person is actually not alive at all and hasn't been for years. Ugh.Yeah...I couldn't. I'm not invested enough in the characters to follow this series further so best for me to stop here. The audio narration was okay, but unfortunately I don't think it did anything to improve the experience for me in this read.Overall score: 0.5/5 stars