Review: "Never Let You Go" by Chevy Stevens

Never Let You Go - Chevy Stevens

Chevy Stevens's "Never Let You go was one of the most thrilling reads I've picked up in a long time. It tells the story of a mother/daughter entangled in the aftermath of an abusive relationship that took place over several years and ignites a mystery that follows them into the present day. The mother, Lindsey Nash, endured years of abuse at the hands of her ex-husband to the point where she lived in fear for her own life as well as that of her daughter, Sophie. They manage to escape, with Lindsey's husband spending years in jail in the aftermath of a horrible tragedy. Yet when he serves his sentence and gets out of prison, Lindsey realizes that the horror she once knew starts back up again, and a twisted web of vengeance ensues that has Lindsey questioning her relationships and igniting her aim to go on the run again. This doesn't bode well with Sophie, who believes her father's changed and is tired of running away from incidents that happened years before. Yet she realizes that she may be in danger as well as the mysterious incidents start ramping up, and she notes she may be a pawn in it all.

This book is heartbreakingly real and terrifying in points, particularly when it centers on Lindsey's survival of abuse and her desperate attempts at escaping her husband's twisted sense of control over her. Yet this book kept me guessing for the overarching mystery, even when there were moments when I thought I had it figured out, and it was satisfying to see the story march to its respective conclusion. As per Stevens's other novels, the writing is strong, evocative, and does well even between the perspective changes and shifts from past to present. It never felt out of place or overwhelming to me. Overall, I enjoyed this novel very much and am glad to have it as a part of my library. I definitely look forward to reading more of Stevens's work in the future.

Overall score: 4/5 stars.

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley from the publisher St. Martin's Press.