In Summer Light

In Summer Light - Zibby Oneal Decent coming-of-age story about a young woman (Kate) who finds her place in the world and what she loves during the summer before her senior year. Affected with mono, she spends the summer at home, bored and in a tense relationship with her father. Her father is a famous artist, and constantly immersed in his work, leaving Kate feeling chagrined because she feels like she can't connect to him or his art. She even shuns her own artistic abilities because of her relationship with him.For two months, a graduate student named Ian Jackson, shows up to work with her father. He uproots Kate's boring summer into finding her comfortable place and presses her to revise her ideals about the world around her, including her relationship with her father.It's an interesting story - and at only 150 some pages, it tells a rather direct one. The characters are true to life and the ire that Kate feels is realistically portrayed. It does feel like it's aged quite a bit over time (The mention of Princess Diana made me realize just how much time has passed. This was written only a year after I was born.), but it still tells the story it was meant to tell. After reading it, I still feel that more could've came from it, but I can't complain given the subject matter, and just how Kate finally finds her passion without bearing grudges in tow. I liked the chemistry between Ian and Kate, and I wish the author could've delved into that more, but I think it's appropriate for the group its intended for.All in all, a pleasant read.Overall score: 3/5