I, Paparazzi

I, Paparazzi - Pat McGreal, Stephen John Phillips, Stephen Parke "I, Papparazzi" was an interesting read for me not only for it's gritty plotline and interesting protagonist, but also for the unique still photography that makes it stand out among other graphic novels I've read. The story focuses on Jake (a.k.a "Monster") who works as a no-holds-barred member of the paparazzi, etching out a living while shouldering the burdens of his troubled past. Things come to a head when one evening, as he storms his way into an exclusive club, "Monster" discovers a series of strange interactions and downright confounding shots as he tries to nail a "hard to get" celebrity. He ends up on the run for his life and in a series of confounding and tragic circumstances. Problem for me was that these circumstantial threads were left dangling by the end of the story. Granted, I enjoyed the ride it took me on, but I wished that the GN were a bit more conclusive.Definitely not a graphic novel for everyone - the crudelanguage, graphic violence and partial nudity make this a mature read. I enjoyed it for what it offered, but it could've had just a bit more to it to make it stand out.Overall score: 3/5