Cupid Gone Wild - Valentine's Anthology

Cupid Gone Wild: Valentine's Anthology - Pepper O'Neal, Heather Hiestand, Sherry Gloag, Delle Jacobs, SamMarie Ashe, Chelsey Day "Love Transposed" is a story I downloaded from Amazon's Kindle Store for free today. It's a short story, as I understand, from an anthology of love stories called "Cupid Gone Wild". For me, it began and ended, from a bunch of Cupids trying to get promoted to a love story between Dan and Jane. Jane seems to be an upscale perfectionist wanting to redecorate her home, while Dan is the man who takes on the job of doing so. They clash in more ways than one on simple things, but just when you're starting to wonder how it's going to play out - it ends way too soon. I think even for those that believe in "love at first sight" or Cupid's arrow stories, this was a little too short. Don't get me wrong - stereotypical characters or not (the twins had very little roles or personality in the story), there were some exchanges that were cute but didn't really engage me as much as it could have with just a bit more expansion.There are also a few other sample blurbs of stories from within the anthology that sound intriguing, so I think I'll check out the anthology anyway since the story set sounds like something that would have my interest, but the sample story by itself left me wanting more.Overall score: 2/5