Review: Archetype by M.D. Waters

Archetype - M.D. Waters

Initial reaction: I'll admit I enjoyed so much of this novel, and I felt for Emma's experiences throughout the novel. Sci-fi mystery/futuristic thriller with quite a few WTF moments.

Full review:

"Archetype" might be one of my favorite stories of recent memory for the kind of story it portrays. There are elements of it that are familiar to stories I've read, but M.D. Waters captures Emma's experiences with a vibrant, vivid, and sensual. The story revolves around Emma having no memories in a futuristic environment, where she's established as the wife of a very wealthy, yet secretive husband (Declan). She's said to have been in an "accident" that left her in horrible shape, but as Emma starts wading through the fog of her dreams and teasing internal clashes, she realizes there's not only another person whom she holds closer to her heart than Declan, but also there's more sinister actions behind the people who are supposed to be her allies and loved ones. It takes the novel a bit to reach the point where Emma starts to put the pieces together, but I'll admit the journey watching her get to that point and then act against the forces pushing against her was well worth the wait. The novel has more than a few curveballs to throw at the reader. Some of them I definitely saw coming, but there were others that even threw me for a loop as "Archetype" marched to a stunning conclusion. I went back and forth on my rating of it, but in the end, it's the kind of sci-fi story that completely pulled me in and I loved for what it offered. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the follow up book. Excellent audio narration from one of my favorite readers Khristine Hvam.

Overall score: 4.5/5 stars.