Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Delights

Hi all, it's been a while since I've done a Top Ten Tuesday post, but I couldn't resist the pull of the topic for this week. As per usual, this meme is brought to you by the Broke and the Bookish.  Be sure to visit over there for the prompts and other people's respective lists.


So, top ten bookworm delights:  It's hard for me to rank these in any type of order, so I'm just going to name them as they come to mind.  I'm sure I'm not the only bookworm who habitually indulges in the following. ;)


  1. Squeeing over the fact that you have to return books to the library...just to have the opportunity get more books.  This actually happened to me yesterday when I took a big stack of books back to the library.  Sure, in one part of my bookish heart, I'm sad to part with the books I'm returning, but then I think of the fact that I'm A.) making a trip to the library, and B.) After I finish dropping all my books in the return slot, I can ease right over to the new arrivals shelves or other displays and can peruse more to my heart's content.  Hey, silver lining, what can you do?
  2. Collecting bookmarks.  As much as I read between digital galleys and e-books, I still have a lot of physical books that I still buy, so of course I'll collect my choice of bookmarks along the way.  My oldest bookmark (I may have mentioned this story before, but I'm not sure - it's worth repeating) is a Native American handsewn bookmark that I've had since I was five years old and got it at a bookish convention. It remains one of my prized possessions.  I collect bookmarks (some of them free, some of them I've paid for) and put them in my Harry Potter zip bookcase slot for safe keeping. (That's also a prized possession for me too, even though I'll carry a range of books in that zipped case other than HP.)  I have bookmarks ranging from Doctor Who to Irish Proverbs to promotional materials for bookish giveways (I remember the one I got from Courtney Milan back when she was promoting one of her earlier series published under Harlequin).
  3. Walking the aisles of a bookstore or library.  Something about being in a place where there are tons of books has always - for some reason - calmed me.  I don't know what it is.  Maybe it's the environment itself, maybe it's the note that all of the books are potential brainfood and provide the kind of experiences that I use to relax to.  I've been in a number of different bookstores and library types - some are small little nooks while others are huge with high paneled windows, large shelves, super soft cushioned seats that you can sink your back into.  Either way, being in the environment itself is a delight for me, and walking the aisles looking for my next read fills me with a level of anticipation that I never get tired of.
  4. Being able to share the reading experience with friends.  I think this is a given.  I'm always happy to share ideas and experiences from my reading experiences with the people around me - in person or in a medium like my blog or on my social media sites. Whether it may be squeeing or venting or laughing or finding the right emoji over my various experiences (and the large reactions beyond those) and learning the reactions of others, I really appreciate and am thankful to be able to do that every single point I possibly can.
  5. Finding the book edition with the cover of my choice/preference. Some of you might think - "This is a bookish pleasure?"  I would say wholeheartedly YES.  Because you know how some book editions or releases may have a certain cover and you can't get enough of it because you have the "OMG, this is epic, I want this on my shelf" kind of reaction?  Well, yeah - it's that kind of deal.  I remember having that kind of reaction for the covers for Dan Wells "Partials" series or for Julie Kagawa's "Call of the Forgotten" series.   Even for certain books like Sarah Beth Durst's "Vessel" (which I still think is really underrated).  But I can also admit there are certain books I've purposefully searched for cover versions and even bought their international counterparts just to have that edition for the cover/make.  That might be an idea for sharing a future post, actually. *makes note*
  6. Settling in that hour span of time while commuting/before sleeping when you have nothing else to do but just read.  I savor this particular time every day/moment that I can.  I do commute to work because my workplace is about a 20 minute drive from where I live (but with traffic, it can be longer, especially in the evenings).  But it's the time of day where I know I have nothing else to do but read and just lose myself in the experience.  Either I'm holding my phone or tablet in my hands or a physical book and I know my focus can be on taking that in for what it offers.
  7. Discovering book histories. This is an experience that's unique to older/used books.  Sometimes you'll hear stories of people making notes in books/textbooks about whom a book used to belong to or specific reactions to content that people doodle in the margins.  I don't know why that's such a bookish pleasure for me, it just is, and it probably stems from the fact that I have a lot of books that I've bought from used bookstores and sales - even from when I was growing up.  I guess that tells you who used to read that particular book - whether they were required to read it or perused it for their own vast variety of reasons.
  8. New book-ish joy.  I think every bookworm has this.  Self-explanatory really, you realize you have a new book in front of you (doesn't have to be one that was just released, but it's one that you recently picked up for the first time) and you want to dive right in without another moment's notice.  My mom used to have this problem with me when I was younger.  We'd come from the library/bookstore/used booksale and the first thing I would do is set my stack in the middle of the living room floor and start flipping through them.  She would be like "We have dinner/You have homework!  Don't go through the books yet!"  And I would be like "But, but but...I'm reading!" *pouty face*   Fond memories. :)  (Honestly, my habits haven't really changed that much. My twin - "Woman, put the book down! We've got to run errands/go shopping/get groceries!"  Me: "But, but, but...I'm reading!")
  9. Feeling the weight of a book in my hands.  Yeah, this is something I feel because I still read a lot of physical books.  Whether I end up getting paperback or hardcover books, just being able to have the tactile experience of running my hands over the cover, feeling the weight of it in my hands, there's a joy or anticipation for it that I can't put into words. Some books I can't just hold it because otherwise I'd get tired from it being heavy (Some epic fantasy writers with books that are thick as bricks, I'm looking at you), so sometimes the book gets shifted to my lap, or to my side, but it's the same sense of anticipation.
  10. Last but not least: Scouring Tumblr/Pinterest/Social Media Networks for ideas for potential reading spaces.  Because #goals. #somedaybutmaybenot. #itlookspretty.



That's all for this entry. Until next time, happy reading and have fun with your bookish quirks and joys.