I'm having more fun on this New Adult parody thing than I realized

I'm going to try to finish this NaNoWriMo project by the end of the month (to a total of 75,000 words in completion, editing might be a different story), but just to share a few chapter titles for you:


Chapter 3: “Meet and Greet: Lessons in the Art of Creating Pretty, Petty Characters”

Chapter 6: “Love Quadrangles or Circles? Opt for the One With Pointy Edges”

Chapter 12: “There’s Birds, There’s Bees...and Then There are Bunnies.”

Chapter 22: “A Chapter Not About Laced Brownies and Singing “Reading Rainbow””

Chapter 31: “Choose Your Own Plot Twist”
Chapter 32: “S.T.A.L.K. Stands For Stop Treating Arses Like Kings”

Epilogue: “I Need A Hero!...to Retell This Tale”


Novel Extras:

Author's Note - December 9th, 2014
Nessie Jacobs's Guide to Writing New Adult - 250 Tips for Maximum Profit
Paxton Bitner's Lyric Book
The New Student's Guide to Bellewrue University


It's a total of 40 Chapters, though, with the aforementioned extras at the end of main narrative.  This really is the most random, odd story I've written, but mostly I'm running with it for theme and fun.  I've already got about 20 New Adult titles I've parodied in some form through this narrative, may be more by the time I finish.


Still writing and editing.  Probably will do this for a while today then jump back into reading.  Happy reading/writing all.