An Open Letter to Kathleen Hale & Guardian Books: Stalking Is Not Okay.

Kathleen Hale stalked a reviewer who gave her book 1 star. She defamed her, harassed her and turned up at her house, claiming she was 'catfishing' her.


What she did is not okay. It's never okay, and it wasn't okay for the Guardian to let her brag about it.


Oh, and she also cites Stop The Goodreads Bullies.


Read more on the site.


Rose's Notes:  I don't think I can add more succinctly what's wrong with this picture than what The Book Lantern's already said on this.  I'm just incredibly sickened, horrified, and appalled that any author would consider doing this to someone who gave them a 1-star review.


This is not okay.  This is NOT okay.  And the fact that the Guardian even remotely gave this woman leverage to justify her actions just fills me with rage.  I just don't have words on it right now.

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