30% in - New Adult Bingo

Apolonia - Jamie McGuire

New Adult Bingo piece #3: some form of sexual assault is mentioned. And the heroine knows the guy's been arrested for sexually assaulting women (he's somehow never charged because the women keep "dropping the charges" so to speak).



Seriously think McGuire's trolling with this book. Weird how all of this seems to take every formulaic and problematic thing in an NA title and lumps it together in the most poorly written form possible.

Still reading. For better and worse.  Mostly for worse.


I'm finishing this tonight sometime, so I'll try to have a full review up for tomorrow on the blog.  Still haven't reached anything that would make this a sci-fi title, other than the fact that I think one of the LIs is an alien and there's a useless love triangle that's supposed to detract from that possibility.  Otherwise, this could just be a regular, run of the mill contemporary romance.  With pseudo-smart people.


I've got Patrick Ness, Jen Alexander, and Robin Talley to read after this.  So I've got enough great reads (or what should be great reads) to counterbalance this.  And I'm watching "How to Get Away with Murder" tonight, so I have a few things to look forward to.