September #BookADayUK Day 4 - The Book(s) You Bought for the Cover

Vessel - Sarah Beth Durst Wanderlove - Kirsten Hubbard A Study in Silks - Emma Jane Holloway The Spirit Window - Joyce Sweeney A Study in Darkness - Emma Jane Holloway

Yeah...I have a lot of choices for this day's prompt, but I'll leave it at five choices that came to mind.   


All of these books were ones that hit me with coverlust the first time I saw them.  I bought "Vessel" by Sarah Beth Durst (and it turned out to be a brilliant read for me) in hardback because I loved the cover and premise.  I finally caved and bought "Wanderlove" by Kristen Hubbard and "The Spirit Window" because I wanted them on my shelves (and I loved the reads.  "Wanderlove" I actually read as a NetGalley ARC).  I haven't read "A Study in Silks" or "A Study in Darkness" by Emma Jane Holloway, but the cover lust hit me hard when I saw them on Amazon and in the bookstore respectively, so I bought them both.


Peruse the pretty!  Looking forward to tomorrow's entry. =)