Finished. But wondering what on earth I just read?

Kidnapped for an Hour - Lucy A. Hill

Uh...what did I just read? That was pretty neatly tied, but at the same time I expected more.

I honestly have no idea what to rate this book, but I think I'll settle on 2.5 stars now and rate down or up if I need to. I need to think on this one.


Review to come sometime tomorrow. I really need a night to think about this one, because I'm so totally perplexed at the progression of events, that I don't even know what to say about it. I can't say whether I thought it was good or bad. It was just...odd, man.

If there's one character I feel bad in the scheme of events in this book, it's Nicholas. At least the book gives definitive answers over what happened to him. But that's enough to mess a kid his age up for life.