Random: Some thoughts on the "Fifty Shades" trailer

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James

Thank goodness this wasn't released on my birthday, otherwise, I'd probably have some bones to pick for conversation.


But aside from that note, I just watched this not long ago. I have words/thoughts/musings.

The fact that they featured Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" somewhat perplexes me.

Did anyone else get a Twilight vibe with it? I'm honestly asking that because it has this forcibly intense vibe with it in places, but it feels instead monotonous and very emotionally stilted.

I still feel like even the trailer for "50 Shades" ripped from "Secretary" (though the trailer for "Secretary" had more pep than the actual movie communicated). That's not unexpected given "Fifty Shades" ripped from "Secretary" as well.

I still think the actor playing Christian Grey is far better than this. (Matter in point, so is Anna's actress, but I haven't seen her in that many roles myself.  Probably will have to remedy that at some point.)

I'm still wondering how they'll end up doing the tampon scene. It's either going to be awkward or freak-me-out levels, probably no medium between.


Bottom line: I'm of mixed sentiments (though leaning towards the mental ARGGGH! reaction) and I will likely be avoiding the movie theater on Valentine's Day of next year or seeing something else if it opens that same day  (seriously though, they're billing this as a 'romantic' film?  I think not.)  But knowing me, I'll have a friend who will fill me in on everything that happens, so I won't be out of the loop for it.


We'll see what happens.