Review: Fiction First Aid by Raymond Obsfeld

Fiction First Aid - Raymond Obstfeld

Quick review for a fantastic read. "Fiction First Aid" breaks down a lot of problems that can arise from writing narratives. I didn't always agree with some of the advice given, but I really liked how Raymond Obstfeld breaks down some of the common problems that can arise in writing narratives, why these problems arise, and how to address them to make the aspects of the work stronger. I ended up taking a lot of notes from this book to make me think about some of the common criticisms that I see from reflections about my own writing, and I think other writers will be able to say "Hey, that's why I keep getting this kind of feedback on this particular aspect! Now I can fix it." He addresses plot, theme, characterization, the writing life, among other useful tidbits. Definitely well worth adding to a writing library, if for just the direct address of a lot of pertinent details and problems that arise for a writer. I think this is the kind of work that would really help beginning writers, but any writer of any skill level can pick this up and be able to take something from it.

Overall score: 4/5 stars