One more music post for the night and then I'm back to writing, but I wanted to share this, not because it's related to the project I'm working on right now, but because I was perusing Youtube and found this and it brought back some good memories.  I've mentioned I'm into retrogames, but this was definitely a throwback.


"Snatcher" is a cyberpunk game that was made for Sega, and it has one of my favorite storylines for the genre in gaming.  If you're into retrogames and like watching LPs, I'd recommend this one for the storyline.  The characters are fun, the setting's cool, and while I could tell who the bad guy was after a certain point, it does a good job of keeping you in mystery for events for a while. It has a smorgasbord of inspirations from The Terminator to Blade Runner among some other sci-fi bit references.


This song happens to be the opening theme. The opening sequence was one I really liked as well as the song.  I've used this theme as mood music more than once in some projects I've worked on.