Reading progress update: I've read 25%.

Beautiful Oblivion  - Jamie McGuire

Oh for crying out loud, this has become a Travis Maddox love fest.  I thought this was supposed to be Trent and Cami's story. I actually didn't mind Trent and Cami's development in a good bit of the beginning for set up (and we finally figured out how Travis's mom passed away - she was a well known PTA mom who had cancer).


But honestly - between Trent saying he "loved the little bastard" for Travis and Cami saying "Oh those Maddox boys, they start fights and finish them" and noting Travis's and Trent's ability to sleep with women, I'm pretty much at my limit for the Travis Maddox gush party.


This novel takes place before Travis ever met Abby, so he makes *several* cameo appearances in this work, And it's usually either grinding on his latest date or about to beat up someone.  *shakes head*


Still reading.  I'm pushing through.