Apparently I'm a Princess of Procrastination...dangnabit =/

Nothing like waiting until the very last minute to sign up for Camp NaNo for July and getting my outline and project ready the night before I'm supposed to start writing. Gah.  >____________<


But it'll be a project I'll live write on Wattpad, so that'll be something.  I've put the first chapter of my GLBT themed cyberpunk project, "Shelf Life" on Wattpad, but I'll be updating those chapters slowly because of Camp NaNo.  I didn't expect to be so busy during the month of June overall. I'm still catching up with my reading queue and real life stuff as well, but I figure I'll just pace myself and update when I can.  Sorry guys, I meant to be a lot further ahead than I am right now. >.<


I decided the next NaNo project I'm going to do is a rewrite of the time traveling serial killer story I wrote several years back, but never completely got a final draft in.  The excerpt for it is featured in excerpt #3 of this post.  It's YA sci-fi/suspense/thriller, so it should be interesting to see how it turns out.


Hopefully I can just run with it.  At least I have about 85K words to work from on the previous draft of this story, it's just going to be written with a different focus than before.  Now all I have to do is design a cover for it.  That should keep me occupied alongside looking at my notes up until midnight when I can start writing.


As for the Twin Peaks esque New Adult dark parody story I wrote about a while back here:  that I'll start on that project in November for regular NaNo.  And that excerpt is #2 in the list of excerpts I linked to above.


I'm frustrated because I really feel like I should finish something in these projects I've started already.  The problem is that I have several good ideas, not enough time to pen them and having to juggle the emotional gauntlet with a lot of things that have thrown my progress out of balance.  Plus, maintain my ARC reading list.  I'm trying though.  *crosses fingers* 


To anyone participating in Camp NaNo this coming month, seriously, good luck.  I'll be cheering you on in spirit.


Happy reading/writing all.