Review: Undeniable by Ashley Simone and Alicia Roberts

Undeniable - Ashley Simone;Alicia Roberts

Quick review for a quick read. "Undeniable" was pretty easy for me to pick up, admittedly, since it's the beginning of a serial novel series in the scheme of New Adult. But I have to say it's just as easy for me to put it down. Why? Nothing about this installment intrigued me to continue. Absolutely nothing about it stood out to define it apart from classic cookie cutter conventions in this genre. Between the virgin college grad heroine who struggles to make a living, to the instalust she has over a wealthy potential boyfriend, to the drama associated with the heroine's brother being mixed up in a drug deal and getting money for it, to the heroine auctioning off her virginity just to get the money she needs.

She meets wealthy boyfriend, quick sex interludes, and then he just drops her by the wayside. What about the money? She gets it, but then her brother shrugs her off too. And the ending? It's not even really an ending, just a stopping point. Little intrigue, if any at all.

In sum, "Undeniable" is pretty unremarkable, so I'm stopping my reading here. Not the worst I've read, but it did nothing for me in its brief perusal.

Overall score: 1/5 stars


Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher.