Choosing your first story to post on Wattpad...

...Is a bit like choosing a needle in a haystack, at least for me.  It'd be the first I've done this since posting original projects on DeviantArt, which I haven't been active on in a long time.


"The Eyes of Caramel and Clover" is one I'm considering of three to polish and share  It's the YA story that I wrote last year about a few teen bloggers that stand up for their right to free speech when they get on the bad end of criticizing an author's popular work, though they're very different teens living on opposite coasts of each other and the controversy forces them to meet for the first time face-to-face.  I know this is going to be controversial, but then again, I think it's something that's worth sharing in light of everything in the blogging/reading community with very public figures trying to control/dictate reader input and critique. Needs polishing, but I think I can do that in a chapter by chapter format.


"Three-peat"/"Girls Chase Boy Chases Girls" is an unconventional love triangle story where a high school girl is within a relationship with a guy and another girl and they attract their small town's and national attention with their very public courtship.  But this triangle never reduces to two, it's all three of them in a relationship with each other. They have to face challenges with the external pressures against their relationship as well as trying to come to terms with their own sentiments for each other. It touches on GLBT themes in some modes.  But I never finished this story, so I'll probably have to work on it as I go along if I choose this one.


"G.P Kisses the Girls" is a story I wrote a long time ago that's pretty much done.  I considered publishing it, but the more I think about it, the more I realize it falls in a lot of current YA genre cliches, so I never really knew how to redo it to get away from the cliches (instalove, love triangle, etc).  But it spawned three other stories I wrote in a wayward imaging of nursery rhyme characters as teenagers, so at least if I choose this one, I might be able to share the other stories with it back to back and quickly.  I've had this beta read in the past and had some good feedback for it.  This has Georgy Porgy (or George Porgokvitz in this story) having a supernatural conundrum when he realizes on his 16th birthday that everytime he kisses or is kissed by the opposite sex, it kills him (at least until a kiss brings him back to his body).  His mother reveals that he comes from a family with special limitations, and he spends his time trying to break that limitation to be a normal guy, only it might actually end up killing him permanently the further he tries with it.


And if I end up going with neither of them, I just make my next Camp NaNo project the first story I share on there.


Still editing "Stuffed" and "Heart of Dark Machines" but I'm letting them simmer for a bit because I finished the first draft for "Stuffed" and the (fourth?) draft for "Heart of Dark Machines."  I still wanna go one more round with them both before I put them out to be beta read.  And I'm still actively searching for cover images for both.


That's my writing progress, and I'm likely going to keep being a busy bee while I catch up on some ARC reads this month (because I'm finally starting to get back to a semi-normal schedule).


Happy reading/writing all.