Review: Rock Hard (His to Claim #3) by Opal Carew

His to Claim #3 - Opal Carew

Quick review for a quick read.

So my suspension of disbelief is completely obliterated as of this installment. Honestly that makes me sad because the start of this serial novel really wasn't that bad. Second part made me doubt, and the third one (this part) just completely dropped the ball for me.

The first warning sign, and something I forgave in the first and second installment, was that the hero (Rafe) was too good to be true.

He's a BAD BOY. He's a ROCKSTAR. He's a WEALTHY BUSINESSMAN who has EVERYTHING and can buy and support the heroine for anything she could ever want or need.

In other words, he's pretty much every walking cliche you can find in romance. Male version of Miley/Hannah Montana and Jem and Jerrica.

Which brings me to my next point - if the heroine (Melanie) knows that Rafe has multiple names/identities, why was it necessary to switch between those identities every which way but loose in reference? The whole time I read this narrative, I was so annoyed with the constant switching. Rafe the businessman, Storm the rock singer, Mr. Rainer (which notably is Rafe's last name) during the sexy times. They are all the same person. WHY was it necessary to use all of these monikers in the narrative? One could've sufficed. It makes it really confusing when you know that Rafe = Storm = Mr. Rainer, and they're made in reference/perspective points like they're separate people. And worse even since this is such a short narrative with very little development apart from the sexy times.

The jealousy plot is so formulaic and threadbare that it's hard to see that as the main conflict point driving the wedge between the two main characters. It's very weak in terms of the way its presented and showcased through the narrative, especially when Travis (the bandmate who hits on the heroine) doesn't recognize the meaning of the word "no" and so conveniently pushes his way as the main antagoinst between the leading characters.

I've pretty much lost all emotional interest in Rafe and Melanie as characters, but since I have two more parts to go, I think I'll finish out the series. But I'm so disappointed with this, you have no idea. It's just utterly ridiculous at this point.

Overall score: 0.5/5 stars

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher St. Martin's Press.