Review: Every Part of You: Takes Me (Every Part of You #5) by Megan Hart

Takes Me - Megan Hart

Quick review for a quick read. To be honest, I'm not enamored with the ending to this respective series. It was mega rushed. As from the previous installment, Elliot and Simone have their respective issues and possibly just came across the dealbreaker point of their relationship. This particular part has them resolving some parts of their issues, but it really felt pressed for time instead of natural. I thought there was a bit too much ruminating on the BDSM measure that Simone undertakes to make herself forget about Elliot's betrayal, and less time with them dealing with their respective situations and each other. You would think the latter would be more important, but the focus felt slightly off in this part. I did like that Elliot had his respective confrontation of his internal and external demons, but it was really hard for me to follow Simone for anything in this narrative, for some reason.

The steamy scenes had fire, and it was especially steamy with one of the subs (Nick) having some potential, but I'll admit I think some of the time could've been better spent in the narrative for development and that's what disappointed me.

At the very least, this serial novel has a definitive conclusion, I just wish the execution could've drawn me in more. Hart's written better than this in some of her short stories as well as novels, so while I'm disappointed in this, I'm hoping my next read from her is better.

Overall score: 2/5 stars

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher St. Martin's Press.