Starting back at one

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I'm having to catch up with my reading, but at the very least, I had a lot of approvals come in for recent considerations, and quite many of them I'm looking forward to reading.   So some of those approvals are above for the pretty cover browsing. =)


My first priority will be to tackle some of the books I've put on hold (it's about 30 to 40-ish, so I need to get that queue down), and also review books that have been in my review queue for a while (which I think is about 70 some books, give or take).  I honestly never expected it to get that large, so I'm playing catch-up. *winces*


I've been spending a lot of time with family and friends of family the last several days. Been back and forth on the road between multiple cities and it's worn me out, but I'm happy to have had the chance to see/talk/spend time with them. I finally got a break from the road this weekend and caught up with rest, and in a few days I'll be getting back to a normal schedule.


I miss my mom bunches.  She'd been married to my father almost 40 years, been my mother for nearly 30, and there were a lot of milestones that she reached and others she didn't quite make, but I hold on to some of the better memories and what time she was able to spend with my family and me.  I really wish she'd been able to see my sister and I turn 30, get married, have kids, graduate with another higher degree, or other things that she would've loved to do with us and my father, but I take comfort in what she was able to do in her life and that she isn't in pain anymore.


Someone actually messaged me a while back asking if I planned to do a reading of John Green's "Fault Within Our Stars" and I'd put that off forever saying I honestly had no idea when I'd do it but that I'd try, and I think I may bump that up on my reading queue.  I think regardless of how that read goes, I'll do something special with it and talk about my volunteer work within some cancer research organizations and share some memories of my mom and other people I've met who were survivors or those that departed far too soon.  If you're asking me if its too soon for me to pick up a book on the subject matter because of my mom, I'd say no.  I'm a tough cookie, I can handle it (though I probably shouldn't say that considering I bawled my eyes out with Patrick Ness's "A Monster Calls").  And reading is something that's a comfort to me so I don't really see myself staying away from it too long or straying from subjects that challenge me.


But yeah, I'm trying to get back to sorts because my mom would probably tell me that I should be putting my nose in a book anyway. (Despite the fact she spent a great deal of time trying to pry me away from reading while sitting in the middle of my childhood home's living room floor.  Usually I was supposed to be eating dinner or doing chores instead of going through stacks of books from the library or a book sale.  Go figure. Not much has really changed with that, even as I'm older. =P)


Happy reading all.  Much love.