May will probably be my catch-up month, brief hiatus

I'm taking a couple of days off from blogging/reviewing/writing/book community hopping, at least until probably Thursday.   Just want to let you guys know I'm okay and do so ahead of time in case you don't hear from me.


Camp NaNo, I'm probably going to end up stopping at 60K and do edits on that project and my Cyberpunk project in May and June, to give myself a cushion and deadline to follow.  But I'm probably going to be working on those things while shouldering a lot of other things that have come up and it's going to make it hard for me to balance, but I think I'll still do reading/reviewing, just less individual reading updates.  Reason being: time and other matters.


Had a really rough day today (worse than Friday), but I can't say much about it until I know more and I'm more comfortable talking about it.