Review: What Would Your Character Do? by Eric and Ann Maisel

What Would Your Character Do? - Eric Maisel

Quick review for a quick read. Oh wow, this turned out much better than I expected. A practical guide to character personality that tests your character in a series of 30 scenarios with extended questions. Granted, it takes a little bit of creative stretching because the scenarios may not fit your characters (I tried three of my protagonists and side characters from the YA projects I'm working on, and suffice to say I had to skip a few descriptors/questions because they didn't really apply.)

This text made me think about how my characters would answer if put into a certain situation, and the Maisel's do a fine job of allowing the reader to come up with their own frame of the scenarios, but also following up with some possible choices and meanings for each question. I found it quite helpful overall and see myself trying these series of "What ifs" for crafting a narrative in the future. Note that I would say this is a supplemental personality text. This won't give you any distinct foundations on how to shape your characters, but rather provide an eye into how they would react in a given situation and allow the free-range of the writer's mind to expand upon that as they would like.


Overall score: 3.5/5 stars.