So a lot happened to me today

  • My horoscope came true (not really a good thing, since it ended up being a mea culpa but it ended up working out for the better).
  • I dodged a tornado (It touched down in a city not too far from mine)
  • Got trapped in the library elevator (for about two minutes, thankfully not longer.  The guy in there with me was nice though.)
  • My bus was about ten minutes late due to hail and a severe thunderstorm (again, tornado weather).
  • My bus was in an accident (while I was on it, though I think the majority of people didn't know what happened until after the fact.  Thankfully no one was injured, but the bus and vehicle that tried to pass it had some surface damage.  Waited for a little over 40 minutes for us to leave, and we were supposed to transfer buses, but the others were too full to take us.)
  • Didn't get home until less than an hour ago, and I haven't eaten since noon (it's 7ish right now).


So I'm going to eat and settle down.  I'm not even sure if I know what prompted all this weird stuff in one day, but at least I'm still in one piece? *winces*