"The light buzzing over my head flickered so much, it made my eyes hurt. Somehow this didn't faze him, as he paced in and out of the shadows of the dark room. My eyes could barely follow him through the narrow gaps in the costume. I wondered how many times he'd made use of this place, wondered how many interrogations he'd had with other people. My wrists tugged hard at the rope that bound them, but no yield. Sweat streamed down my brow, stinging my eyes as I couldn't wipe any of it away.

Was he waiting until I passed out? Again?

"Where is she?" My voice came out raw and tired.

"Kevin, do you really think you're in a position to ask questions?" He casually sat in the chair facing me, pulled out a cigarette, and lit the edge of it with a match pulled from a set in his breast pocket. When he finished, he shook the flame from the match, flicked the remains where it hit the nose of my wombat costume. "In any case, that was my question for you."

I didn't say anything. So he hadn't found her; he knew that I used the question as a bluff.

He chuckled, as if he'd guessed my thoughts. "Figured this would be a good way of getting you to talk.""

From my Camp NaNo WIP.  Still writing on this thing, though I'm writing snippets and still trying to link events together.  Figured I'd get all the stuff down that excited me and link them together as I went along.


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