Reading progress update: I've read 241 out of 241 pages.

No One Needs to Know - Amanda Grace

Yeah, I think we need to talk about this one.  I'll quote my last status update from GR here:


Finished. Verdict? Not good - actually rather mediocre. I think it had a potentially great idea, one that could really resonate for thematic, but if I had to describe this novel in two words, it would be "petty" and "shallow." Mostly to do with its presentation despite lighter moments.

*exhales slowly* Yeah, I'll have a tough review to write for this. Maybe others will feel differently once it releases.


Too many issues.  I wouldn't recommend this, but I am interested in seeing what other reactions people are going to have with this for events and presentation.  


I'll meditate over it a night and write a review sometime tomorrow. It'll be posted here for posterity on BL, but I'll wait to post it on my blog and other communities later.