"I've looked at this place as if it existed within a sphere of glass, contained from the rest of the world. This was not the abandoned amusement grounds I recognized from my childhood. Once left damned to the passage of time, it was as if a glass blower heated the sphere, shaped it into a work of art that took on another image from whatever footprint it had before. All of this renovation had taken place within the span of a week. I guessed Arthur, as strange of an employer as he was, delivered on his promise.

My lips parted slightly as I looked up at the newly-constructed booth and the motionless clown with the crimson face sitting behind the panes of glass. It looked like a real person sitting there, but I couldn't be sure. I tapped a few times against the glass with a finger. No response.

I twirled my token nervously between my fingers. The instructions on the booth were clear enough: "Price: 5 token points for your fortune read. Insert coin(s) here."

No sooner than I had placed the coin in its slot than its head lifted. Large, dark eyes stared back at me from behind the glass. Its lips curled overzealous, like a clown convinced something resembling happiness would arrive knocking at the door if it could fake the gesture well enough."

-from my Camp NaNo WiP.