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Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury

‘Damn you!’ he cried. ‘Get it over with! I'm here!’


So the Witch wheeled swift as a black clothes dummy on rubber rollers and swayed over him. He did not even look at her. Such weights and pressures of despair and exertion fought for his attention, he could only free his eyes to watch the inside of his lids upon which multiple and ever changing looms of terror jigged and gamboled.


‘Very simple.’ The whisper bent low. ‘Stop the heart!’


Oh Charles Halloway, you brave man.


This book is so eerie.  And Mr. Dark is scary as anything else, but the, the witch creeps me out.


If there is one particular part I remember from reading this book and watching the movie years ago, I remember the boys' faces in Mr. Dark/The Illustrated Man's hands.  And the way he squeezed them so hard that blood came out and down the drain where the boys were hiding.  I also remember them hiding in the library up to the point where Mr. Dark found them.


Still reading (eagerly).  Will finish this tonight.