Recs for amusement park/theme park books?

This is going to be a shot in the dark, but does anyone have any recommendations for books set in amusement or theme parks? (I've looked at some of the ones in the listopias, but I'm asking for more.) I'm looking for books that have the setting as a prominent focus, something like Spider Robinson's "The Free Lunch", Michael Crichton's "Westworld" or "Jurassic Park" or even Erin Morgenstern's "The Night Circus". I think any book across the age ranges of YA and adult are fine, any genre.


I've already read these (probably a lot missing, but I'll fill in as I go along):




The Free Lunch - Spider Robinson 

Jurassic Park: A Novel - Michael Crichton 

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern 

That Time I Joined the Circus - J.J. Howard   

Wild Ride - 'Jennifer Crusie', 'Bob Mayer' 

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury 



People have recommended I read these (again, not all of them, but these are a few suggestions people have made that I've received so far):




Joyland - Stephen King 

Palisades Park - Alan Brennert 

Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark (The Kingdom Keepers) - Ridley Pearson 

Water for Elephants: A Novel - Sara Gruen 

Tilt-a-Whirl - Chris Grabenstein 

Dreamland - Garfield Reeves-Stevens 

Utopia - Lincoln Child 

Austenland: A Novel - Shannon Hale 

The Catch Trap - Marion Zimmer Bradley 

Pantomime - Laura Lam 

Shadowplay - Laura Lam 

Delusion - Ms. Laura L. Sullivan 

Carousel Sun - Sharon Lee 

Dream Park - Larry Niven, Steven Barnes 

Pastworld - Ian Beck 

The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch - Neil Gaiman 


I'll probably be adding to this list as I see them/get recs (I'm looking for books to serve as inspiration for the month after NaNo, since I'm writing in this particular theme/setting for my project.)