Working on the ARC backlog

Focusing my efforts for the next three days on going through my ARC backlog. Probably going to start with my newly approved ones and work backwards. Some of these may not have reviews attached to them on Goodreads until their respective release dates, but I have a work around for that. Majority of these are nonfiction, YA, sci-fi/fantasy, adult romance, etc. (Booklikes peeps, you'll still see these reviews, because I'm posting them ahead of time here.)


No NA titles for now (though there may be some that are cross-genre, but I'll have to rule that as I come across them), I'll just have to skip them until I'm ready to tackle them again at some point.


Also, I think I'm going to start condensing my book updates into more limited posts, I think I've read a few people who said they were concerned about updates like it cluttering feeds and it's not my intention to do that to anyone, so I think I'll oblige and keep mine more limited from now on.  What I might do is keep my updates and reaction points on goodreads and copy/pasta them in bulk in a few posts to here.


I still may be uploading a bunch of reviews as I go through this backlog though, so fair warning, but hopefully this should go smoothly. 


Happy reading all.