Just putting this out there...

As a writer, I think I can be pretty darned cruel to my characters.  Whether they're villains or protagonists. ^____^  (The fact I put a smiley face next to such a statement should tell you that I take a twisted pleasure in saying that.)


I say this as I'm working on this outline for my NaNo project and editing my WIP, which means evil things.  EVIL things.


I haven't forgotten about "The Heart of Dark Machines." In fact, I'm still typing/cutting away at it and I'm into the wee hours of the morning while I'm typing this.  I'll keep you guys posted on my progress and let you know when I'm done with this draft, but I know I'm behind schedule (sorry. I blame life stuff and a brief measure where I had a sprung toe- better now thankfully.  =( ).  I'll be working steadily through this week as per usual and playing catch up.


I'm refining this Camp NaNo outline so I'll have a good start to the month and perhaps finish up with it early on.  I'm aiming for around 60K - 70K.  And I think I announced this in the comments of the last writing update post, but I'll be doing Project #1.  It's a YA suspense/thriller, though I could see it with some crossover markets.  I had a few chuckles choosing potential titles for it, but I think I might call it "Stuffed" for now.  Few reasons for that, but I'll save that for another post.  I've found a few camping buddies, but still have some room so if anyone wants to join up before the beginning of April, just let me know.


Night all.  Happy reading/writing.