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Fifty First Times: A New Adult Anthology - Sophie Jordan, Carrie Ryan, Tracy Wolff, Hannah Moskowitz, Andrew Shaffer, Lisa Desrochers, A.L. Jackson, Julie Cross, Roni Loren, Cole Gibsen, Gennifer Albin, J. Lynn, Myra McEntire, Melissa Landers, Melissa  West, Lyla Payne, Alessandra Thomas, Lauren Layne, Sophia Bleu,

"Daylight" by Julie Cross. Solid 3 stars. Loved the character intimacy/BG in this one - Jack and Audrey are a couple whose "first time" is after their respective wedding, but they're about to be separated because Jack has a job lined up that causes him to be away. I think the scenario that's putting him away in this measure is unrealistic, but I went with it. First of Cross's stories I've liked.