Review: Hayley Hobson's Hip Guide to Creating Your Sexy and Abundant Life

Hayley Hobson's Hip Guide to Creating Your Sexy & Abundant Life - Hayley Hobson

A short review for a short read. I thought "Hayley Hobson's Hip Guide to Creating Your Sexy and Abundant Life" was a decent read overall, if a touch underwhelming for what I thought it would offer. It was more of an autobiography than it was a self-help guide, the latter of which I was expecting a little more than the former. I appreciated hearing about Hobson's life, and she was quite honest about some of the rougher moments of her life between her marriage, personal sickness, attachment to perfectionism, among other matters - she undertook the task of transforming her life, so she breaks up this guide into different sections in which she changed her life from exercising, to her diet, among other healthy practices.

I think this was less on the measure of instructive than more of an inspirational dialogue about the author's experience and what worked for her. The advice given is general in its prescription, but people who may want something general may find use in it regardless. I think if you're looking for more of a guide that's less specific and more tailored to your individual needs, it may be best to look into other literature alternatively. But I found this worth the read.

Overall score: 2.5/5 stars

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher.