My Reading Challenges 2014: YA Reading Challenge # 13

This is a reading challenge held by the Young Adult Book Club on Goodreads. Ten books, three months. Guidelines and chosen books below, as per usual.  I easily finished the last challenge (#12) well before the three months were over, but honestly not sure how long this will take me.


Duration: March 1 – May 31, 2014

You have 3 months to read 10 YA books that satisfy following requirements:

1) Read a book that is a new release published in March, April or May of 2014. (If you have difficulties obtaining these new books, you can read a release from the same months 2013).

2) Read a book whose title starts with one of the letters of the word SPRING.

3) March 8 is Be Nasty Day. Read a book where the protagonist is not a nice person or one that features a villain or antihero.

4) March 15th is Learn about Butterflies Day. Read a book with a butterfly on the cover. 

5) For St. Patrick’s Day, read a book that features an Irish mythological creature: fairies, pixies, banshee, selkie, leprechaun, etc OR read a book set in Ireland.

6) The first week in April is National Library Week. Read any book you borrowed from the library. eBooks borrowed from the library count too!

7) April 26th is Hug and Australian Day. Read a book written by an Aussie or that takes place in Australia.

8) For Memorial Day, May 26th, read a book about set during a war or that features a character in the military.

9) May 6th is National Tourist Appreciation Day. Read a book that features a tourist or travel vicariously yourself with a novel set somewhere you would like to travel.

10) Read a book, short story or novella that is 100 pages or less (most YA writers put a free one out to promote their new book, so this shouldn't be too hard).


Reading List.


1. Half Bad (The Half Life Trilogy) - Sally Green 

2. Wicked Little Secrets (A Prep School Confidential Novel) - Kara Taylor (S for Secrets)

3. Don't Even Think About It - Sarah Mlynowski 

4. The Weepers: The Other Life - Susanne Winnacker (Butterfly on another edition's cover)

5. Tempest Revealed (Tempest Maguire) - Tracy Deebs 

6. Minders - Michele Jaffe 

7. Quintana of Charyn: The Lumatere Chronicles - Melina Marchetta 

8. I Shall Be Near To You - Erin Lindsay McCabe 

9. Just One Day - Gayle Forman 

10. Remedial Magic - Jenna Black