Still writing, and probably going to go through this week with edits on my WIP

But I'll give you guys the rewritten blurb for this project alongside the title (this is for the YA cyberpunk project I've been working on).




In the year 2257, 230 years after the end of the Old World, the Night of the Ties celebration in the matriarchal, high tech society of Kysratia signifies the coming of age for many young women. The society holds the event as an attempt to unite a society with longstanding bitter divisions along social, technological, and ethical lines. 17-year old socialite Dita Larakin plays the reluctant role of sponsor to a boy from the lower tiers, yet it isn't long before the purported celebration turns to a series of horrors, putting Dita and those she cares for in harm’s way.


As Dita follows blood trails and threads linking each event, it unravels strings in which she learns her role as a puppet in a larger game. With help from friends, misfits, and robotic forms, she’ll have to break her strings and fall into the depths of her home to rediscover its true past from the illusion she grew up within - and to stop history from repeating itself.


In a cyberpunk backdrop, “The Heart of Dark Machines" tells of one girl's journey through a place where machines may have more heart than the humans that created them, and where the individuality of the mind - regardless of form - may never truly die as it takes shape in struggles of identity, power, and lattices of data.


I may decide to tweak this description slightly in its final version, but I think that sums up the novel without giving too many spoilers or naming specific influences/references.  


If any of you guys are interested in beta reading an e-copy of this from the present description, feel free to comment or send a message my way and I'll see what I can do.


Goodness help me for getting this all put together, but I'm pushing as much as I can.


Happy reading all,