Writerly Experiences #62 (again, random)

That awesome moment when your YA cyberpunk novel actually has a title that sounds like cyberpunk.  But I can't share it with you until this draft is finished. D'oh.  But believe me when I say the process of choosing a title for this project has not been easy.  It went from taking the event name that this novel takes place within (which isn't really indicative of the tone of the novel, plus it makes it sound like a sci-fi romance, and the romance in this is really low key despite some events in the beginning) to the title of a song that I listened to constantly during the writing of this.  But while thematically the lyrics did encompass a big part of the themes in this novel - that didn't work either.  


It was only when I had to cut out a darling passage (which has been among many times where I'm like "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" for doing so) that I finally realized what the title of this novel had to be.  So now that I have that, the rest of this should be smooth sailing.


On the progress of this project, I had a deadline that was supposed to be the end of this month (meaning today), but seeing as I have 45 chapters in this book, and I'm closing in on editing 25-26 at the very moment that I'm typing this, I could push to get it done by tonight, but I don't want to put out anything that only feels half done (and I'm constantly going through this MS seeing things I could tweak and change).  So I'm going to work through tonight and evaluate where I am by the end of this weekend.  It shouldn't be too much longer though.  I honestly don't think work on this should be more than maybe a week more at most (provided I'm not thrown any major life curveballs). My issue is trying to see if I can get a cover and then having this draft finished so I can convert this to format for people to beta read.


I'm also currently rewriting my blurb/description because the former one I had for this months back does not encompass the tone of the novel at all - makes it seem too juvenile when I read it back. I shared it a while ago on Goodreads in a status update, but the way the novel's transformed now, it almost feels like a different project altogether, but with similar elements and character names.


So in other words, I'm going back to writing, I may try to squeeze in some reading time this weekend, but if you don't hear from me on that front or otherwise poking my head into the community for writing breaks, it probably means I'm punching my wordcount and tweaking details on this thing.


Happy reading/writing all.  Hope you guys have a lovely start to the weekend.