On my Red Rising review and other reads

Red Rising - Pierce Brown These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner The Returned - Jason Mott

I know I'm delayed with it, but I finally was able to get ahold of the audiobook, so between reads I'm actually listening to it/reading again before I write my review.  The narrator is really good.


I'll take my time with it, but I think I should have it finished by sometime next week.


In the meantime, I'm also reading "These Broken Stars" and "The Returned." I'm hoping that I finish the latter two at least by tomorrow since I've had them on my reading list for a while.


And between those reads, I'm squeezing time to edit/write.  So close to the end of the month, so I'm making the final push. *exhales slowly*


So much to read/write, so little time.