Ten Things About Me (Wait...ALL the things?)

Grim and Shelby pretty much inspired this post, so I'll bite on this since it seems like it's fun.  *squees*


10. I am passionate about health/fitness.  Was ACSM certified for a number of years so I worked with that at one point, got my undergrad degree in exercise science and attended graduate school as well, did thesis work with relation to childhood obesity and overall caloric intake among 8-11 year old kids, and I personal trained some of the ones in the study.  Really sweet kids for the most part.  It was fun working at the university fitness center for a time.  I do meditation, yoga and pilates for fun.  My favorite machine is the elliptical.  I personally don't prefer treadmills for my own workouts though.


9. I write poetry and lyrics for fun.  (I write lyrics, but am not a good singer, meh.)  Poetry was my first love of writing for a long time. Langston Hughes, Billy Collins, Naomi Shihab Nye all influenced my style of writing, among others.  Had my poetry featured in quite a few venues, took second place in my high school wide writing contest two years in a row. I took creative writing classes with a focus in poetry in undergrad, but was shy two classes to get the minor because my major classes kept clashing schedules. Ack.  (Same thing happened when I tried to get a minor in Medical Anthropology, but I loved those classes and it at least counted for my degree requirements. Studying gender, health and wellness practices in a multitude of societies is fascinating stuff.)


8. I guess on the heels of talking about lyrics, I'm really kind of a music chameleon in what I listen to.  I listen to pretty much anything, though in terms of my top five current musicians on my Itunes playlist (changes, but the first group stays constant): Poets of the Fall, The Smithereens, The Birthday Massacre, Clazziquai Project, and Fitz and the Tantrums. I also listen to a lot of J-pop/J-Rock/J-Soul.  Korean Pop/Rock/Soul too. Some Chinese Pop, but usually Deserts Chang, Peter Ho, and Faye Wong are three that come up on my playlist most often.  So if anyone wants to talk Asian music, that'd be awesome.


7.  Don't judge me, but I love Asian Dramas.  XD  Full House, My Lovely Sam Soon, Boys Over Flowers, Summer Snow, even I'm Sorry I Love You among others.  I regret nothing.  And I watch anime too, though not as much as I used to.  Probably over 400 shows in my lifetime, but considering I haven't been watching it for most of my life, that's a lot.  My favorite is Rose of Versalles, but I have many others.  Too many to name even.


6. I'm an introvert, but not shy.   I don't mind people stopping by to say hi. =) I might type walls of text, but I don't speak all that much, unless you get me going on something I love (like books or any media, to be honest.)   But I am not good at feigning extroversion.  *hangs head*  And thank goodness for Susan Cain's "Quiet" affirming that it's okay to be such, though I live in a family of extroverts, including my sister.


5. Speaking of sisters, I have one - she is my twin.  I am older by one minute, but she is five to six inches taller than me, so many people mistake her for being older.  Fraternal - probably the most different looking twins you'd ever come across. We share similar interests, but very different in personality.  She's my best friend, though.  Love her to bits.


4. I don't drink sodas.  Some people find that weird.  For me, it's juices, milk and water. Sometimes coffee drinks, but not much.  Sometimes peppermint tea.  I don't drink alcoholic beverages either by preference.  But I do have a weakness for chocolate. And certain fruits. Weak, I tell you.


3. Rose is a nickname I've had for well over ten years, but it's not my given name.  My actual name has Native American origins (I'm some parts Cherokee and Seminole in my heritage but haven't been able to trace the name with those tribes), and for some people - it's hard to pronounce.  I used to be bullied for the name because it sounds like a Spanish alcoholic drink.


2. I can compose most poems/lyrics I write in about 15 minutes.  Give me a word/theme and I'll compose one for you.  Though if I'm talking about my poetic reviews, those usually take longer because I have to think about the media (whether it's a book or whatever).


1. Survivor story:  I suffered from epileptic seizures when I was a little girl.  Haven't had a seizure since I was seven, came off the medication around age ten.  I have very vivid memories associated with my experience with that, from the smell I'd sense before one came on (Dutch cookies, like the ones you find in the tin), to an out of body experience when I had a seizure in my first grade class, to other things.  I used to be embarrassed talking about it, but it's been so long, now - I don't mind so much.


Random stuff about me.  Thanks Grim for creating the prompt. =)