""If there's one thing I don't understand about humans in Kysratian society, why does it have a historical standing that one group, one scheme of ideas, one measure has to have dominance over another? Even to the point where they would eradicate other existences, rather than embrace them for what they are? Wouldn't it be ideal just to accept them, whether they are composed a certain way, or choose to express a variant identity as they see fit?"

I looked at him as I drummed my fingers against the wall I leaned on. "You understand that a lot better than many humans. But I think it's because you don't feel anything like jealousy or power lust."

His brows narrowed. "I know what they are, though. I do know emotions. I know anger, fear. My mind may be a template of neurons, but it's still my mind, Dita. Even if I have his memories. I wouldn't call him a father figure, but he was more like a father to me than our actual father was."

"But isn't it awkward to call the person whose memories you share your father when he was really you? You can take on the appearance of a human or a machine. Which one feels more natural to you?"

He chuckled, looking over the railing towards the bottom of the boiler room. "Don't define myself in terms like 'natural.' Whatever form I'll take on, it's all me. And that's all I'll ever be.""

Conversation between my protagonist Dita and another major character, who I can't reveal the identity for because...*spoilers*.  But he's not human.


But it's from the WIP.  Still working today, and I probably won't get to reading until later if not tomorrow.


Happy reading all.