I read 4 books today! Time to write...

Two nostalgic comics and two adult fiction serial installments.  I think I'm just weird in my reading habits like that, but time for me to pick up the keyboard and work on these WIPs.


So far it's the 7th of the month and I'm still working strong on the YA cyberpunk story as well as the dark NA parody.  The former's holding at about 60,000 words (I've added to it more than I've taken out), the latter's up to about 25,000 words (which is much further along than I thought I would get at this point.)


Still I'm having to do a bunch of work with them, so taking my nose to the grindstone and write, write, write.


Might pen a post that talks about my writing process if I have time tomorrow.


Until then, I keep repeating to myself this mantra: